Help Us Reduce Child Hunger


Did you know that child hunger is up 23% since August, 2009? Or that 14.4 million Americans since 2005 have to choose between feeding their families or paying their mortgage!  Students of the Mitty Advocacy Project researched and decided to take action on perhaps one of the most challenging problems in California – rising hunger – especially how budgetary cuts have impaired children.

On Friday, March 12th MAP will meet with Senator Elaine Alquist to rally statewide help with this concern.  Be sure to come back to read updates on the results of this meeting.

Later in the semester, April 27th, 18 Mitty students will be attending Catholic Lobby Day in Sacramento, California at the State Capitol in order to promote and fight for hunger issues along with three other bills which will be determined shortly.

We will have a live webcast from Sacramento in April to report the events of the day to our community.  You can also follow us on Twitter at @MittyAdvocacy.

For more information on the hunger legislation:

Assemblyman Beall’s Bill, AB 627, proposes that we protect school lunch programs in the state budget cutting process.  The children of California need our help! If the fastest way to recover economically is investing in education – our children need food to make it through the day.  To read more about AB 627, click here.

The Legislative Bill, AB 1057 is promoting Food Stamps in California in order to ensure that qualifyiing families receive adequate funds in order to eat.   To read more about AB 1057, click here.