Mitty Students stand up to Reduce Hunger in CA!


MAP students took their position on reducing hunger to Senator Elaine Alquist’s office on Friday, March 12th.

Meeting on Reducing CA hunger March 12, 2010

The students overall legislative strategy to gain support for A.B. 1642,  S.B. 1453 to quicken the process for people eligible for food stamps.  In addition, we are hoping Senator Alquist will join with us to help spread public awareness with our poster distribution campaign to those in need of Food Stamps.

Our current focus – child hunger is a perfect match for our meeting with Senator Alquist.   She has a great voting history and track record of strong leadership with issues ranging from education to improving women’s health –  we’re very optimistic.   We may even have one more local visit on the docket before Catholic Lobby Day this April!

MAP Students meet with Elaine Alquist's staff

Today we really gained an understanding of how difficult it is in CA to pass budgetary legislation needing a 2/3rds vote in both houses to pass.  Students also discussed meeting with Republican leaders in the legislation to gain support.

MAP Reducing CA Hunger Reducing Hunger Talking Points

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MAP MAP Food Stamp Poster