Catholic High School Advocacy Network Links


The students at Archbishop Mitty are organizing to link with high schools across California to foster communication and assist each other with legislative issues as they arise.  The network would like high school teachers, campus ministers and staff and they would disseminate information within their respective schools. For student social networking and advocacy, students have set up a Mitty Advocacy Page on Facebook.  So if you’re a student interested in advocacy, join the MAP Facebook page.

For high school and diocese staff who are looking to join the High School Advocacy network discussion page click here.

Thank you for continuing to inspire and support the young adults across our state.


Huge Success for 2010 Lobby Day!


Today was a huge success for the students who participated and led 2010 Catholic Lobby Day.  We had two students speak as keynote speakers during the California Program before mass, two students lead an email sign-up to establish a state-wide advocacy network of high schools, and six legislative meetings with California assemblymen and senators.

Sruthi Ramaswami and Feriel Aoun spoke in front of the Catholic Lobby Day Program at The Cathedral of Blessed Sacrament in Sacramento today.   They provided a brief summary of Mitty’s advocacy program, discussed the legislation for their agenda this year, and ideas for the future: a high school based advocacy network and a summer leadership conference for advocacy in 2011.

Sruthi Ramaswami and Feriel Aoun Speaking at Mass today

Feriel stated in her speech, ”

“From my perspective as a high school student, the deteriorating condition of the state is frightening—from sky-rocketing tuition prices…to pay cuts in salaries of fire departments in San Jose. Yet, I find inspiration each week when I meet to take action on these problems. Looking around today, I see unity. I see compassion.”  “As conditions seem to worsen, our Church is galvanizing together—something that truly inspires me and all of you to advocate for those less fortunate.”

Archbishop Mitty Speaker, Feriel Aoun

Sruthi Ramaswami speaking in Sacramento

Sophomore student Sruthi Ramaswami stated.. “As faith-filled people, it is imperative that we be informed of issues… This is why leadership is important… Just look at the magnitude of this gathering… it’s just the beginning. It’s my firm belief that not only are you making a difference today, but you are inspiring your communities to stand up like my friends and I have done.”

Mitty Students visiting Marty Block's office and staff

Sophomores Linda Nyugen and Alicia Dua at Ira Ruskin's office

Sophomore Jay Serrano speaking on Youth Sentencing

MAP Advocates present at Ira Ruskin's office

More pictures and eventful updates to come.   Please register your email above to receive updates about this inspiring group of students.

If you would like information on joining MAP’s initiative to form a California Catholic high school advocacy network, please send your email and school information to   Thank you!

2010 Catholic Lobby Day


Archbishop Mitty students are in Sacramento today speaking and advocating on the four main legislative issues chosen by the church for this year’s lobby day.

Stay posted to our MAP blog throughout the day to receive updates on the day’s events.  Senior Feriel Aoun and Sophomore Sruthi Ramaswami will be delivering a speech on high school advocacy before the mass at the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament tomorrow.

MAP, Mitty Advocacy Project is forming a state-wide advocacy network linking high schools, and Diocese throughout the state.   If you are interested in starting an advocacy program at your high school information on our network will be posted later this week.

For a copy of MAP’s Food Stamp poster click here.

Sophomore Amandi Guilardi states, “by participating in Catholic Lobby Day I gave thousands of Californians a voice.  Think about it – if my participation in MAP could change just one legislators mind, it could sway another legislator prior to a floor vote and affect people’s lives for the better.”

2010 Catholic Lobby Day Preparation


Students at Archbishop Mitty H.S. are in full swing preparing for 2010 Catholic Lobby Day.  After careful analysis the California Catholic Conference chose the legislative action items for 2010:

  • A.B. 1642 Food Stamps
  • S.B. 399 Youth Sentencing
  • S.B. 1460 Dream Act
  • State Budget

Our students are well versed in S.B. 399 as an issue from 2009 Catholic Lobby Day and A.B. 1642 is one of the main issues chosen for the year to combat rising hunger rates in our area.

This past Thursday, April 15th students met with official and visited several food shelters in the San Jose area to research and gather necessary data in preparation for this legislation.

Here is the link for the California Catholic Conference 2010 Catholic Lobby Day. The schedule of events for Tuesday, April 27th can be accessed on the same link.

Thank you for you support for this wonderful program.  Please sign-up to receive updates or follow us on Twitter:  @MittyAdvocacy.