2010-2011 MAP Officers


Congratulations to the newly elected MAP officers:

President                    Sruthi Ramaswami
Secretary                    Taji Hutchins
Communications      Linda Nguyen
Website Admin.        Vince Kelsey
Audio-Visual              Alicia Dua

Criminal Justice               Jay Serrano
Elderly/Health Care        Gwen Holst
Poverty                               Megan Linney
Global Issues                     Elise Sudlow
Immigration                      Sarang Shankar

Time to Follow-up


Mitty students are following up over the next two weeks on the Lobby Day legislation.  Meetings and calls, even meetings are taking place to ensure these bills get passed.  Sophomore Megan Linney met with Governor Schwartzenegger last week.

Mitty Sophomore Megan Linney with Gov. Schwartzenegger

The Catholic Herald Newspaper in Sacramento has a nice article about youth advocacy and MAP is featured!  Here’s the link.