Year in Review 2010-2011 Part 1


      Working for the benefit of the common good. Giving the oppressed a voice in society. Helping the downtrodden feel renewed hope. Making the world a better place. These are all hefty ideals that countless organizations strive to achieve each year. One of these numerous groups, Archbishop Mitty High School’s Mitty Advocacy Project (MAP), used these ideas as its foundation. The team worked tirelessly during the 2010-2011 school year, making huge strides in the world of advocacy. Ultimately, the end of the school year left MAP with two major accomplishments:  presenting striking information to several of the nation’s leaders in Washington DC and hosting an advocacy event in California’s own capital, Sacramento.

        In November 2010, eleven Mitty students traveled to the nation’s Capitol Hill to participate in the Ignatian Solidarity Network’s Fall Teach-In. The students presented alongside college students in formal legislative meetings to various elected representatives in the United States House of Representatives and Senate often taking the lead in the presentation and discussion of targeted issues. In addition, these students were exposed to methods of mitigating both national and international poverty and strategized ways to combat modern social issues. Mitty students also organized and led a workshop teaching others how to create “Social Justice Videos.” With a detailed outline of the seven steps of advocacy, the workshop proved to be extremely effective. Mitty’s presence at this renowned event enabled MAP to gain national acclaim as a truly effective advocacy group at the high school level. This increased credibility will form the basis of MAP’s presence at the Ignatian Family Teach-In in the years to come… (Continued in Part 2 which will be available in a few weeks)