MAP Students Inspire on Capitol Hill


Mitty students put in a full day (8-5) lobbying and walking the halls of Congress today.  The day began with a tour and film at the Supreme Court where cameras gathered outside of the building regarding the Supreme Court’s review of President Obama’s health care law.  (Here’s a Washington Post article to read up on this case).

Mitty students visit The Supreme Court

Senior Amanda Dillon lead a strong group of advocates to meet with Anna Eshoo’s office at 10:00.  While another group met with Mr. David Shahoulian Legislative Assistant from Congresswoman’s Zoe Lofgren’s office.  Mr. Shahoulian works with Lofgren on the House Judiciary Committee and is an expert in Immigration and Human Trafficking.  Since 2009 Mitty students have led the nation on researching and ensuring America’s law combat this problem.  MAP students are hoping to develop a long-lasting relationship with the House Judiciary Committee to continue to fight and toughen the laws on this erosive moral and social issue.

After a quick lunch at the Library of Congress students registered and received their Library of Congress reader cards.  Followed by meetings with Congresswoman Anna Eshoo and Senator Diane Feinstein’s offices.

One of the most inspiring photographs of the trip

Students selected, researched, then strategized on six federal bills for this year’s trip.  Take a look at our six bills located in each topic located at the top of this page.

  • Foster Care
  • Conditions for Veterans
  • Human Trafficking
  • Anti-Gang Legislation

There are many more highlights, please check back soon and look at today’s photo album.  Tomorrow:  Tour of the Pentagon…and headed home!

Today’s Photo Album:

Capitol Hill: 11/14/11