MAP and Zoe Lofgren Intiative to combat Human Trafficking


After meeting with Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren in January, Mitty Advocacy students are working on an initiative with Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren to combat Human Trafficking in California.  Our initiative is to encourage restaurant and hotel franchises to post a placard publicly in their businesses to alert employees and patrons about the stringency of California law on the issue of Trafficking.

The goal of this initiative is to expand this effort to business associations across the country to increase public awareness and enforcement of this damaging issue that impairs the well-being of many victims across the U.S.  For more information on Human Trafficking, please visit the national agency working to combat Human Trafficking, The Polaris Project.  To keep up with Congresswoman Lofgren’s legislation on this issue – visit her website.  You can also follow her on Facebook.

What can I do to help?  Simply take our Human Trafficking placard, download it, and forward it to local businesses, or the next big corporate conference and encourage companies to post publicly and take a proactive and leadership position on this issue.  Developing public awareness around this issue is the first step to lead to increased enforcement.

Thank you Congresswoman Lofgren, local business leaders, and community leaders for an active and solution oriented position on this issue.

Human Trafficking Placard for California businesses


Catholic Youth Take Initiative in Sacramento


Over 120 students from schools across the state traveled to Sacramento Tuesday to advocate on issues to help vulnerable youth across the state.  The day began with a mass followed by training workshops to strategize for legislative meetings later in the afternoon.  Workshops packed with information and activities on:  Abortion, Cyberbullying, Homelessness, Foster Care, and Human Trafficking help connect and prepare students on the legislation that is to come up for consideration in the California Assembly.

The students then met with their California representatives on each of these issues in the state capitol building.  By the end of the day approximately 50 legislative meetings took place and was quite an effort by these articulate and talented students.

A group of student delegates head to meetings in the state capitol.

Mitty and St. Francis Students with Assemblymen Rich Gordon on the Assembly floor.

Catholic students lining the hallway of the California Assembly, preparing to head to meetings.

Mitty Students meet with Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson.

Mitty Students arrive in Sacramento, busy agenda for tomorrow.


Enjoying dinner before our big day.


A small group of Mitty students arrived in Sacramento tonight to advance and prepare for tomorrow’s big day at the state capitol.  After a mass and a morning of preparatory workshops, Mitty students will conduct legislative meetings with Senator Joe Simitian, Assemblymen Jim Beall, Paul Fong, and Rich Gordon’s offices.

We then received a surprise invitation from Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson to visit his office in the late afternoon.  We will post updates and pictures as the 2nd Annual Catholic Youth Advocacy Day unfolds.

5 Steps For a Successful Legislative Meeting


The Mitty Advocacy Project is looking forward to leading Catholic Youth Advocacy Day on March 20th, 2012! It’s only three weeks away! See the steps below for successful legislative meetings:

  1. Call or email the legislative staffer in advance to confirm the meeting. Have the contact information of the office on hand with you at all times.
  2. Rehearse before entering the office. Check-in 8 minutes prior to the scheduled time to let them know you are here.
  3. Be able to present your case: Present the facts, the bill, and ask the legislator for their support. Know the bill well—including its name, authors, sponsors, and where it is currently in the legislature.
  4. Do some background work. Research the legislator’s voting record, activity in specific policy areas (has the legislator authored or sponsored bills on certain issues?), and which committees the legislator sits on. This will allow you to establish a personal connection.
  5. Ask one question at a time. This will ensure clarity and stronger responses from the legislator.

Good luck!