5 Steps For a Successful Legislative Meeting


The Mitty Advocacy Project is looking forward to leading Catholic Youth Advocacy Day on March 20th, 2012! It’s only three weeks away! See the steps below for successful legislative meetings:

  1. Call or email the legislative staffer in advance to confirm the meeting. Have the contact information of the office on hand with you at all times.
  2. Rehearse before entering the office. Check-in 8 minutes prior to the scheduled time to let them know you are here.
  3. Be able to present your case: Present the facts, the bill, and ask the legislator for their support. Know the bill well—including its name, authors, sponsors, and where it is currently in the legislature.
  4. Do some background work. Research the legislator’s voting record, activity in specific policy areas (has the legislator authored or sponsored bills on certain issues?), and which committees the legislator sits on. This will allow you to establish a personal connection.
  5. Ask one question at a time. This will ensure clarity and stronger responses from the legislator.

Good luck!