Diocese of SJ Human Trafficking Workshop


Over the past six years, Archbishop Mitty Advocacy students have focused their efforts to combat the spread of Human Trafficking in the Bay Area.

We have created a Resource Page for attendees of the Diocese of San Jose Human Trafficking Training Workshop.  LINK

A special thank you to Bishop Patrick McGrath for organizing this workshop for all schools and parishes in the San Jose Diocese.





“Human Trafficking is a horrific crime against the basic dignity and rights of the human person.  All efforts must be extended to end it. In the end, we must work together— Church, state and community— to eliminate the root causes and markets that permit trafficking to flourish.”               – U.S. Bishops, “On Human Trafficking” (2007)

MAP Kicks Off the New School Year



On Monday, August 26, Mitty’s Advocacy Project starts off with the first MAP officer meeting of the school year. During the meeting, new MAP President, Sarah Stoch, gives an overview of some of the plans for the school year which include the Washington D.C. Trip, the Youth Advocacy Leadership Conference at Mitty, and Catholic Youth Advocacy Network Day at Sacramento. Also discussed during the meeting was strategies to get more underclassmen involved. In the hopes of seeing new faces at MAP, officers Nivi Ahlawat and Shannon Lam created a “Mitty Minute” video to bring school attention to the group. In addition to this, MAP officers plan to visit Freshmen classrooms later in the next few weeks to spread even more awareness towards the group and hopefully enlist some fresh faces.


On Tuesday, September 3rd, MAP had its first mass meeting with plenty of new prospectors. At the meeting, participants were introduced to the officers, the website, and MAP’s purpose. After some introductions and icebreakers, the students were allowed to brainstorm issues that they would possibly like to research for the year. Issues such as agriculture, water conservation, and affirmative action were brought up, but the issues were narrowed down to foster care, homelessness, juvenile sentencing and rehabilitation, hunger, immigration, foreign policy, the environment, gun violence, and education. On September 6, students were then given a link to vote for their top four choices. Upon counting the votes, the top four topics chosen for the upcoming school year are the following: juvenile sentencing and rehabilitation, homelessness, foster care, and education.


At the next mass meeting, which took place on Monday, September 16, MAP students got the chance to confirm the topics collectively in person. The September 16 mass meeting was also the day that MAP students got to choose which topic group they wanted to be a part of. Each group, governed by MAP officers, started off with introductions as well as a general overview of the topic and the plans of the year. The officers have also introduced the students to various websites to help them find and research bills that could potentially become the bills they will bring to legislatures. By Monday, September 23, the MAP students will come back with some of the bills they found.

In just a matter of weeks, MAP is already kicking off the school year by taking the necessary steps to prepare to enter another year of fighting for justice.

Written by MAP Editor Brianna Mimms