Making a High Impact Video


#mittyadvocacy for info during the workshop.

Workshop Activity

Our challenge to you is to create a video for a social justice issue on your campuses.

We’re going to give you 11 x 14 sheets of paper  write a story board and diagram out how you want to design your film.

First work backwards.  The object of the video is to move web traffic to a we page that has a call to action on it.

Work backwards. What is your call to action?  Give your audience one specific task to do after visiting the site.

We have a sample video for you to show at th end. Our call to action is to work with your legislators to sponsor legislation to intensify the penal code to include property seizures against human traffickers.  Major drug traffickers risk losing every asset: properties, investments, cars and boats.  Traffickers face jail time and excessive fines but as our video will show you – the fines are equivalent to two months of earrings made by trafficking.

If we seize every asset they own we will be able to prevent traffickers from rebounding their illicit businesses after their caught.  California state legislator Paul Fong informed us last year property seizures would be the most devastating impact to curtail traffickers.

Now to the video:
All of your information must be local: statistics, numbers of victims, and costs. National, international and even statewide statistics give legislators room to wiggle out from the pressure of their district.

Give the legislators fresh, unfounded research for them to use in their committees and to use on the floor.  Give them the information to use against their opposition.  He them to work for you not against you.

Keep information objective and clear.
Get your webpage set up first.

Equipment list:
Audio – mic your speakers.