Fr. Mike Kennedy’s Restorative Justice Initiative


In this time of harvest and thanks, we are grateful for our many collaborators who have made the last two years a success, including the passing of (State Bills) SB9 and SB260, giving juveniles with life sentences (or more) eventual review in front of a parole board.

During our many trips to Sacramento, both co-chaplain Arturo Lopez and I offered the state legislature a unique position, representing the real faces and stories of the young people who are currently feeding ground for state prisons. Because of our longitudinal commitment to young inmates transitioning into the adult penal system, we are able to testify directly to the tangible developmental differences we witness as they grow into adulthood. This poises us to be great collaborators with the various players, lawyers, and advocates to change cruel and unjust treatment of kids in the system.

We cannot do this alone. Please walk alongside us. Of the many ways you can join in our efforts, here are a few:

  • Make a tax-deductible contribution HERE or by check, addressed to Jesuit Restorative Justice Initiative | 8501 Washington Boulevard | Culver City, CA 90232
  • Donate gas cards.  Our retreats cost an average of $200 roundtrip, and we do several per month.
  • Visit our Amazon Wish List.  There are many standard office items, both large and small, that will impact our outreach possibilities if gifted.
  • Share this email with 5 friends or colleagues who are share the values of JRJI, but are unfamiliar with our work.

Your partnership will enable us to continue providing Ignatian retreats, nurture seeds of hope and faith inside young inmates, and develop liturgy guides and materials for more than one thousand individuals and groups who also ensure that these communities of healing are built and sustained.

Sincerely in Jesus the Risen Prisoner,
Father Mike Kennedy, SJ