St. Francis Cabrini Presentation


Thank you students and staff for welcoming us to St. Francis Cabrini!


As student leaders we are so proud to be here with you today to share ways we can work together to make our community a safer and healthier place to live.  We have worked on the issue of Human Trafficking for over seven years, have traveled to Washington, D.C., Sacramento, and now to your campus to help spread awareness on this important issue.

What is MAP?  

Students at Archbishop Mitty participate in a program called MAP:  The Mitty Advocacy Project.  Our mission is to work with our Federal and State law makers to pass permanent laws to protect the most vulnerable populations across our country:  the homeless, trafficked, hungry, and poor.


MAP Students meeting with Diane Feinstein’s office in November 2013


We have worked with U.S. Congress, the California State Legislature, San Jose Police Department, The Diocese of San Jose, and even the FBI to eliminate this problem from our area and country.  Over the years over 5 bills we have proposed have been passed into law.


We are working with high schools across the nation, state and Bay Area to spread awareness on this issue.  Being at St. Francis Cabrini enables us for the first time to discuss the issue with the population that could perhaps be the most helpful.  We are most impacted by issues that affect our age group – traffickers target 12-17 year old children – so working together to spread awareness only helps prevent the issue from spreading.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions or converse about trafficking or any issues with your parents and teachers.


If you’re interested in learning more about Human Trafficking MAP has put together an informational sheet on how to get started.  Here is the LINK.

Slavery Map:

We have also made a video of our work in the San Jose area – please check it out.

Human Trafficking Video