Archbishop Mitty Students are up, running and ready to launch!



Hi and Welcome Back to School Everyone!

If you’re reading this, you well know our first meeting is underway and we are getting started with some fantastic goals and activities for you this year.

We have an action packed year for you this year!  Tell your friends and get involved.  Students brainstormed and voted from dozens of issues and selected the Top 4 issues they want to advocate for this year.

The Criteria for selection:

  1. The issue must help make a measurable and tangible difference for the lives of the marginalized and suffering and help as many people as possible.
  2. The issue must be relevant in the current Federal and State legislatures with active legislation.
  3. The issues must be grassroots led.  Students select issues and propose them for selection.
  4. The issue must be feasible for a vote (in the legislature) in one school year.

The issues for the Mitty Advocacy Project for the 2015 and 2016 School year are:

  1. Human Trafficking
  2. Criminal Justice Youth Rehabilitation
  3. Wealth Gap – disparity between the wealthy and poor and suffering.
  4. Accountability of Law Enforcement