New School Year is Underway!


The Mitty Advocacy Project is off to a fast start to the 2015 to 2016 school year as we have met and selected our four main issues which we would be focusing on this year.

 MAP Meeting

Using a method coined “grassroots up”, which chooses issues based on students’ ideas and proposals, Mitty Advocacy Project is proud to announce the four issues we have chosen to address:

  • human trafficking
  • criminal justice reform
  • wealth gap
  • police accountability

MAP has focused on human trafficking and criminal justice reform before but both issues of the wealth gap and police accountability are brand new. Regardless of new or old, we are ready to tackle these issues head on with passion, drive, and commitment.

As for our plans this year, we have scheduled for a group of our brightest individuals to attend a trip to Washington DC, anticipate giving lectures and informational meetings in our local communities, and plan to extend our reach in communities in order to promote widespread awareness of these issues.