Help Fight Human Trafficking


As the Super Bowl nears, more than one million people are expected to come to the Bay Area for the festivities. Believe it or not, though, many of those people are brought here against their will. Whenever a major event comes to a metropolitan area, human trafficking in that area spikes.


MAP President, Jacob Isaacs Speaking to student body

Over the past eight years students at Archbishop Mitty High School have taken on combatting Human Trafficking as part of their Mitty Advocacy Project. Over six bills have been signed into law to protect victims of trafficking and intensify laws against traffickers.


Aditi Chatradi explaining to stay safe on line

Perhaps the most significant measure is through developing public awareness. It’s unfortunate, but traffickers are present an active in San Jose. By informing and discussing the issue, we can make Human Trafficking a thing of the past.

What can you do?

  • Visit
  • Pick up Human Trafficking posters and signs from San Jose Police department
  • Start talking about it with your community, especially youth
  • Encourage and educate young people to be secure and proactive online
  • Write and visit your legislators to foster support for legislation against Human Trafficking.
  • Recognize the signs someone is being trafficked

Mitty Advocacy students  designed and filmed this investigative piece on Human Trafficking in San Jose. With the help of Human Trafficking Division San Jose Police Department we went out into the streets to see where Human Trafficking is happening in our city.

Article Edited by MAP Junior Sophie Sharma