MAP’s Plan for the Year


by Surabhi Bhupathi

MAP is back in full action, and we’re already hard at work. Last year, the Mitty Advocacy Project addressed the issues of human trafficking, criminal justice youth rehabilitation, the wealth gap, and the accountability of law enforcement.


This year, we will be visiting some of the issues addressed before, such as human trafficking, and we have some new focuses as well, such as mental health issues. Our focus issues for this year are human trafficking, mental health awareness, medical care affordability, and criminal justice reform.


Last year, MAP advocated for these issues in a number of ways; through the social media campaign to combat human trafficking (#stoptrafficking), partnering up with other schools, like Notre Dame, St. Francis, and many others to raise awareness, and lobbying for bills at both the state and federal level. Results of this endeavor include six bills signed to law to protect trafficking victims and crack down on traffickers, the California Restorative Justice Act, facilitating the restorative justice and rehabilitation for public safety.

Our hope for this year is to build upon this by raising public awareness, through volunteering in public initiatives that promote the issues we focus on, attending workshops, and publishing a research-based study. In addition to this, we will also be regularly updating our popular blog posts where we shed light on our issues and the progress we have made concerning them.

Through these efforts, we hope to succeed in making a difference to the community around us, as we have in years before.  

Stay tuned as we begin to report on the upcoming election.