Measure A creates affordable housing


By: Joshua Issacs and Arjan Warya

The Mitty Advocacy Project advocates for the passing of Measure A, given its benefits of the greater good.  Santa Clara County, while one of the wealthiest places in the country, also has one of the highest rates of homelessness: more than 7,000 people in Silicon Valley currently live without homes. Measure A is an initiative that, if passed, would allocate $950 million for the creation of housing in Santa Clara County: the equivalent of roughly 2,000 homes.


Statistically speaking, the measure would implement a new tax on homeowners, adding $12.60 for every $100,000 you paid for your property.  The extremely menial addition to homeowner tax pays dividends in the amount of goodwill created for those inflicted by poverty, unemployment, and disability whose troubles are further intensified through unaffordable housing.


Our ultimate goal is to improve the lives of those who need it. We firmly believe that this measure would do just that. The Diocese of San Jose shares similar sentiments regarding this bill, as the care of those inflicted with poverty and unfair circumstances deserve adequate care and support through God’s word and through our own actions. On the November 9th ballot, we encourage you to vote YES on Measure A.
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