So You’re Meeting With a Legislator?


Archbishop Mitty graduate Katie Scally currently the Vice President of Student Affairs at the University of Portland who interned with Senator Dianne Feinstein and the City of San Jose City Council wrote an informative article to get you prepared for your legislative meetings.

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DC Advocacy Day 3 updates


Mitty D.C. Advocates prepared to go into Congressman Honda’s and Eshoo’s offices.

The Supreme Court of the U.S.

Mitty students lead California delegates in Sen. Feinstein’s meeting.


Keep updated with our legislative meeting schedule.

Key legislative topics for today are:

– Oversight of WHINSEC Program at DOD.
– Immigration and the DREAM Act
– Climate Change and the Environment
– Renewal of TVPA, Trafficking Victims Protection Act.

10:00 a.m. Meeting with Senator Barbara Boxer.

11:00 a.m. Meeting with Congresswoman Eshoo’s Chief of Staff, Mieke Eoyang.

11:30 a.m. Meeting with Congressman Honda’s Senior Legislative Assisstant, Ken Takeda.

12:30 p.m. Meeting with Senator Diane Feinstein.

2:00 p.m. Meeting with Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren’s Chief Counselman, Ur Mendozza Jaddou.

DC Advocacy Day 2


Day 2 Updates:

Students are participating in break-out seminars. We are preparing for our 5 legislative meetings tomorrow.

Mitty Students presentation at Georgetown University

Today’s seminars at the ISN Conference are on a variety of topics ranging from: sustainability to foreign policy.

Our legislative focal points for tomorrow are: Immigration: the DREAM Act, and improving Congressional oversight and Closing the WHINSEC Latin American training program at Ft. Benning, Georgia. ….more updates, later.

We left the ISN Conference Advocacy Training for Smithsonian Air and Space Museum.  We made it with enough time to see many of the amazing exhibits on display.

Smithsonian Air and Space Museum

Reflection and inspiration at the breathtaking Lincoln Memorial.

We are unsure how many miles we walked today, but we feel refreshed and energized.  Tomorrow, we have a packed schedule and know the work ahead of us has the potential to help a lot of people.  Wish us Luck!

Day 1 update from D.C.


We are all settled in, students are going to rest, then headed to training at Georgetown.

We were pleasantly surprised to look out of our hotel windows to see it is a picturesque walk over the Potomac to M Street.

We walked along M street, had a wonderful lunch at Le Madeline.

Followed by the Opening speeches at the ISN event center and a sensational dinner on campus, we began to prepare for our break-out session on Creating a Social Justice video.

Mitty students organized a highly interactive and informative presentation. They presented to a wonderful audience of Catholic students and staff from as close as Gonzaga H.S. in D.C. to Brophy HS in Phoenix, AZ. Great job students, we couln’t be more proud of your great work.

Mitty Students Head to Washington


Eleven Archbishop Mitty students along with Mr. Michael Accorsi and Mrs. Megan Walker are headed to Washington D.C. from November 12th to the 15th for a long weekend full of Advocacy training and legislative work.  Mitty students will be presenting at Georgetown Saturday night at 8:00 p.m. on Building an Effective Social Justice Campaign using Online Video.

On Monday, November 15th Mitty advocates will be meeting with the officials from Congressmen Honda’s, Lofgren’s, and Eshoo’s offices.  Additionally, Mitty will be joining Bay Area schools and advocates from Santa Clara University in Legislative meetings with Senators Boxer and Feinstein.

Our strategy for our visit will be focusing on the following issues:

Visit during the weekend to stay posted, see pictures on this momentous effort by Archbishop Mitty and Catholic advocates from across the U.S.  Follow us on Facebook and see MAP’s Google MAP.

Huge Success for 2010 Lobby Day!


Today was a huge success for the students who participated and led 2010 Catholic Lobby Day.  We had two students speak as keynote speakers during the California Program before mass, two students lead an email sign-up to establish a state-wide advocacy network of high schools, and six legislative meetings with California assemblymen and senators.

Sruthi Ramaswami and Feriel Aoun spoke in front of the Catholic Lobby Day Program at The Cathedral of Blessed Sacrament in Sacramento today.   They provided a brief summary of Mitty’s advocacy program, discussed the legislation for their agenda this year, and ideas for the future: a high school based advocacy network and a summer leadership conference for advocacy in 2011.

Sruthi Ramaswami and Feriel Aoun Speaking at Mass today

Feriel stated in her speech, ”

“From my perspective as a high school student, the deteriorating condition of the state is frightening—from sky-rocketing tuition prices…to pay cuts in salaries of fire departments in San Jose. Yet, I find inspiration each week when I meet to take action on these problems. Looking around today, I see unity. I see compassion.”  “As conditions seem to worsen, our Church is galvanizing together—something that truly inspires me and all of you to advocate for those less fortunate.”

Archbishop Mitty Speaker, Feriel Aoun

Sruthi Ramaswami speaking in Sacramento

Sophomore student Sruthi Ramaswami stated.. “As faith-filled people, it is imperative that we be informed of issues… This is why leadership is important… Just look at the magnitude of this gathering… it’s just the beginning. It’s my firm belief that not only are you making a difference today, but you are inspiring your communities to stand up like my friends and I have done.”

Mitty Students visiting Marty Block's office and staff

Sophomores Linda Nyugen and Alicia Dua at Ira Ruskin's office

Sophomore Jay Serrano speaking on Youth Sentencing

MAP Advocates present at Ira Ruskin's office

More pictures and eventful updates to come.   Please register your email above to receive updates about this inspiring group of students.

If you would like information on joining MAP’s initiative to form a California Catholic high school advocacy network, please send your email and school information to   Thank you!

Mitty Students stand up to Reduce Hunger in CA!


MAP students took their position on reducing hunger to Senator Elaine Alquist’s office on Friday, March 12th.

Meeting on Reducing CA hunger March 12, 2010

The students overall legislative strategy to gain support for A.B. 1642,  S.B. 1453 to quicken the process for people eligible for food stamps.  In addition, we are hoping Senator Alquist will join with us to help spread public awareness with our poster distribution campaign to those in need of Food Stamps.

Our current focus – child hunger is a perfect match for our meeting with Senator Alquist.   She has a great voting history and track record of strong leadership with issues ranging from education to improving women’s health –  we’re very optimistic.   We may even have one more local visit on the docket before Catholic Lobby Day this April!

MAP Students meet with Elaine Alquist's staff

Today we really gained an understanding of how difficult it is in CA to pass budgetary legislation needing a 2/3rds vote in both houses to pass.  Students also discussed meeting with Republican leaders in the legislation to gain support.

MAP Reducing CA Hunger Reducing Hunger Talking Points

More CA Food Stamp Data: California Food Policy Advocates

MAP MAP Food Stamp Poster