Who are we?


The Mitty Advocacy Project is a component of Archbishop Mitty High School’s Campus Ministry Department that strives to complete the circle of social justice education by participating in the legislative process.  At Archbishop Mitty, social justice education is rooted in our school wide curriculum, brought to life in domestic and international service and immersion trips, and issues are brought to the halls of our lawmakers with our Advocacy Project.

The Mitty Advocacy Project is a highly organized team of students who gather information and assist with legislative action, in keeping with the principles of Catholic Social Teaching, for people who are suffering from social injustices (e.g. poverty, criminal justice, human trafficking, immigration, foster care, and/or health care) that are preventable and repairable in California and on a national level.

Students at Archbishop Mitty work daily on issues as they arise (e.g. floor vote, sparked by an event) or voted on by the students are an issue of importance (i.e. 2010 issue of Human Trafficking).

Over the years we have created 6 Main Steps to Social Justice Advocacy:

Mitty Advocacy’s 6 Main Steps to Social Justice Action:
1.  Research and Case Building
2.  Developing Public Awareness
3.  Organizing a Strategy and Campaign
4.  Call to Action
5.  Legislative Negotiation
6.  Follow-up

We pride ourselves with thorough and exhaustive research prior to moving ahead with an issue.  Through this much preparation we learn as much as we need our elected officials to help citizens, they need clear, accurate, and honest information.

We feel the Catholic community is on the cusp of a new phase of social justice service and action both in California and across the U.S.  Catholics are realizing their message is intertwined with the fundamental premise of our democracy – to support and improve the quality of life for all people.  Interestingly, in the past four years of this program, not a single letter was written requesting help for our schools, churches or programs.  Working with the California Conference of Catholic Bishops, the Diocese of San Jose, and our Campus Ministry Department’s Immersion Programs (El Salvador, India, China, South Africa, Navajo Reservation, etc.) we respond to the call and needs of those most in need.

Students of all beliefs, backgrounds, political affiliations, and points of view are welcomed to participate and work together.  Please visit of our pages and links to review our Talking Points and resources.

If you would like more information or connect with us, please email our coordinator, Mr. Michael Accorsi at maccorsi@mitty.com, or our President, Nivi Ahlawat at niveditaahlawat15@mittymonarch.com.